Our Wedding Day

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Wedding!

May 29th, 2009 was a beautiful day! Surrounded by our family and friends and in the presence of God, we said "I DO" and I couldn't be any happier. I've been blessed with a great husband who is a terrific friend, father and partner.
Now that the wedding has passed, I hope to have more time to write and express my thoughts. Life post-wedding has been beautiful! We are currently moving into our new house. We have changed locations and have dropped our bags a bit more south. I was very hesitant at first. I grew UP a country girl, all the way. Moved to the city for the first time when I moved in with Jesse nearly 5 years ago. And I have to say... the city got to me. Not in a bad way though. I just got used to the sounds and noise and cars speeding by. The train at night and the pedestrians walking to school, work. The smells of Burger King, Alligator Cafe, McDonalds... all walking distance from my home. Awww... how convenient, but not healthy that's for sure. So now, it's back to the suburbs. But I'm okay with that.
We aren't "officially" moved in yet. They are working on our hardwood floors and bathrooms. But all of our stuff is stuffed somewhere between the garage and kitchen. Im not much of a happy camper lately. Anxious to get on the ball with decorating already, but I must be patient.
I went to check out the progress yesterday and for the first time, It was feeling more like home. It isn't the same smell. It's more of a new paint, wood smell from the inside. But outside, I felt a sense of calmness. Quiet and crisp. Could it have been the cool breeze of Autumn creeping in? Maybe. But it felt nice. I felt home.
Autumn is always my favorite time of the year. Let's not forget, I met the love of my life in Autumn. Just around this time, we were starting to date. This Friday, the State fair of Texas opens. I can't wait for our date! It FEELS like a fresh start, new future. New home, same old -but new- feelings for eachother. The weather. The sweaters. The hot coffee. Let's just pray the weather remains just as so. With TEXAS...HA... you never know!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Friday, May 29th 2009


Okay, so there's only 2 months left and I'm freaking out! I feel like there's so much I still have to do for the wedding. I keep telling myself to just take a breather... then I calm down and think about how beautiful the day is going to look --and feel-- and be-- and then-- I get okay.
If you haven't been to our wedding website yet, you should check it out. We did it ourselves, though it took many a weekend and long nights for us to finish it.

ONLY 2 people have signed our guestbook, though i have a feeling MANY have visited =(

My dad became friends with the Guitarist who is playing at our ceremony. That's SOO like my father. He called him (Julio Patino) to discuss arrangements for the wedding and next thing you know, they're talking for like an hour on the phone. Mr. Patino is from Argentina, which is where my dad is from, too. Seems they have similar interests. He's really a sweet guy! Mr. Patino is coming over to my parents house this coming up weekend for a "Carne Asado" and to speak and play for me and Jess. We're excited! He plays beautifully!

This weekend (Sunday) is also my Brides'maid Brunch---Which ALL brides'maids must attend!!! Can't wait... We'll be going to Blue Mesa right by North Park. I haven't been to that one yet, but I have been to the one in Addison. I've been going to that one since I was a kid. I LOVE the food!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I think I hear the door...

I'm sitting here, in an empty house. Empty in the sense that my beautiful son is at his grandparents and my Love is working. Ahhh... Jesse. In so many ways, he reminds me of the first man in my life. The first man I ever loved and to this day have never stopped loving... my Father.
Such a remarkable man. I can't think of a time, in any time of my life, that my father didn't work all day and all night (much like Jesse). I remember waiting up all night just to hear him come in. Listening for the turning of the lock--- the creaking of the door. I remember the sound his shoes would make as he took them off and slid them across the tile floor. And the pulling out of his chair as he sat down and relaxed for possibly one of the first times all night. Although all of that was reminiscent of how hard he worked to provide... there was always a comfort in hearing him come home. It allowed for better sleep. Peace of mind so to say.
And my mother--- what a mother...what a wife. She'd stay up waiting for him then, regardless of how tired she may have been--she stayed there. Allowing him to vent. To reminisce on a long days work. Speak about troubles, finances, hopes, dreams, doubts. The only time they really had with each other, was this time. And she stayed. And 25 years into this "all day all night" job of his... she still waits. Only the conversations are probably a bit different I'm sure. And not so much doubt anymore. After all the kids are grown and gone... all they have now is each other and these late night talks about life, love, and a mischievous lil' grandchild they like to call "Gino."
Knowing them. Seeing them. I've learned so much about marriage and how it works. And how it doesn't. And how to love with no expectations, just trust. Trust in life and God and hope. My parents have been married 28years. 28 years! How do you compete with that in this day and age? Who knows... it's got to be hard. But I think we're ready to give it a shot. Jesse tells me all the time, "If I work too much, tell me... I'll get unbusy!" I just shake my head.
It's going to be difficult at times, I'm sure---and I'm told. There will be times where we don't see eye to eye, or we'll want to turn the other cheek (or cheeks...lol), but I'm ready. I grew up with such a devoted father----devoted to taking care of his wife and children. And I'm proud that Jesse is, in so many ways, much like him. I couldn't ask for a better choice in a man to be my partner in life. LIFE! (Whew..) seems long.
But I'll continue to wait. Here. In this empty house. Til I hear the door and he comes home.

Life huh? Forever you and I?? .... yea...I think I can do that.---I think I can do that!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Engagement!

Soo.... He asked and I said Yes! How exciting---we're engaged! How did he ask? Well, I guess I better start with how it all came to be---the place that started it all....

The State Fair of Texas--- the place of our first date, our first kiss, and the place we fell in love. Something about the atmosphere of a cool, breezy night; popcorn, lights, laughter, and couples of all ages caught up in the moment--- it did it for us. We were caught up in the moment right along with everyone else and swept up in that breezy wind and innocence and the whole whimsical feel of carnival rides and lights --and screaming --and laughter--and children. Who wouldn't get lost in love or get lost in the moment? And it was a moment. Every single time.

The first time, our first date, I was standing there. I was a little worried because he'd been waiting there for me--- much like he still does--- and it had been a while. I think I was "10 minutes away" for about an hour before I actually even got there. What a way to start a first date! But I got there. And he found me, amongst the crowds of people, standing by a concession stand. Me in a mini skirt and flip flops and him-- very nicely put together. I remember thinking "Wow, he's not at all what I remember." Granted we met in a dark place, but his aura felt different. His approach, still suave. And his company--- an adorable lil' 9 year old boy who called him "Dad!" We walked. We talked. We laughed. He sang to me. Yessss.... he sang to me. And I must admit, thats what drew me in. His voice. His words. And his song.....

"I'll be true, i'll be useful...I'll be cavalier...i'll be yours my dear.

And i'll belong to you...If you'll just let me through.

This is easy as lovers go,

So don't complicate it by hesitating.

And this is wonderful as loving goes,

This is tailor-made, whats the sense in waiting?

And i said "i've gotta be honest I've been waiting for you all my life.

"For so long i thought i was asylum bound,

But just seeing you makes me think twice.

And being with you here makes me sane,

I fear i'll go crazy if you leave my side.

You've got wits...you've got looks,

You've got passion but are you brave enough to leave with me tonight?".......

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGeh43A_4H0 )

What a song. What a choice----what a moment! Our moment, and now, our song. Before we left that night and said goodbye, under the busy lights and crowded sounds of cars and people and horns... we had our kiss. Not so much our "first kiss" as the next was... but a kiss to seal the deal--- we were intrigued. At least I was, right there, in that moment. Intrigued enough to hang on a little while longer to what God had in store for me. Three years, a son, and many moons later.... he asked me a question that would forever make State Fair of Texas even more memorable-- "Will you marry me?"

Ha-Will I marry YOU?! (smile) -----Yes. Yes. A hundred times yes!